So, who's Charlie? Sometimes we are asked about it. We, are all Charlies! It's actually for name's sake, an easy-to-remember entertainer's name. Hence, who else but the name, Charlie Chaplin? Being one of the early media entertainers, Mr. Chaplin's common name, Charlie, embodies the spirit to make people smile with joy. "Charlie, oh Charlie, where is your smile?" –Perhaps he had left it by us all, in people's weddings.

We, at Wedding in Charlie, are mainly musicians and singers that love music from many cultures. From the Eastern and Western world, we mainly have Chinese and English songs. And when these two cultures meet and fall in love, we embrace the differences in its way of doing, we enjoy the variety of moods, how two cultures see colors differently, and dancing to different rhythms of music; not yet mentioning the cuisines we've got here in this country. Don't get me started.

We, as Charlies, we take pride in having done lots of cross-culture wedding celebrations. And that's the beauty of being in Malaysia. In seeing multi-racial celebrations of love, they bring us closer to humanity. Isn't it interesting to see how commonly we, Malaysians, are able to converse in multiple languages so effectively? Even more so in singing songs of different languages or dialects! While English language is used primarily in the events we do, it is still very often we are required to also host in Mandarin, and sometimes in Malay, Cantonese or even Hokkien!

As to how we usually communicate amongst ourselves casually, we speak in the 'rojak' format i.e. a mixture of all the languages.

Who's Charlie?

Some of our overseas wedding couples do like a bigger live band!

The more the merrier, aye?