In WiC's calendar year of 2016, many memorable functions had taken place. Firstly, WiC began to receive cross-culture weddings as their clientele started to spread across expatriates. Then, Daniel C. tied the knot in fashion; he had at least 5 live bands in one long-night alone. Moving on, WiC had gotten their first cruising gig, performing while balancing on a fast-driven yatch. Next, WiC also had Indian songs performed for a company's private party. And then, a masqurade party followed. You can even see in one of their videos where they did a special strolling gig for a cocktail session, singing acoustically from table to table. But above all the extravaganzas, WiC had received a thank-you gesture from their client, a physical letter mailed all the way from their home in London, England, just to show how much they appreciate WiC's service.

It can be said that that year alone, WiC's clients had been pretty much very exquisite in their events. And, also thanks to Loreen Sin, that year's enquiry management had never been smoother. Loreen had came in for a year to work as WiC's admin while Jingle Teh was away studying. Nevertheless, it was also the year where the talented musician, Mahazan J., had bummed into Damien when appearing as a last minute stand-in for a gig. Today, he's seen in WiC's band line-up, Jingle & the JazzBoys, together with Moses Chuah who had also met Damien in the same fashion; a last minute gig replacement back in late 2014.

It all started back in the year 2011 when Damien Chew began venturing into the music industry upon his university graduation. Joining several music groups in Penang, he met some local gigging agents. From there, he started gigging in pubs, clubs and weddings. Briefly, a year had passed, and Damien has made quite number of connections within the island that later on proved pivotal to WiC's humble beginnings.

In the second half of 2012, Penang's gigging competition had been picking up and so Damien had decided to start his own music team for doing event gigs instead of waiting for agents to contact him. Teaming up with a female vocalist and a keyboardist (Annie Wong and Ezekiel Saik), Damien founded the liveband group of performers called, Your Wedding Singer & the Enthusiasts (YWSE). That year end had went by considerably well for them, with more enquiries came in in each passing month.

Then, early in the following year, 2013, a sassy young female singer, Tan Chin Fern, began to work more closely with Damien –on stage as well as in managing enquiries. Their performance always got people off their seats and soon enough, they had to rebrand their group name, YWSE. Hence,  Wedding in Charlie (WiC) took place. And perhaps it was being a new group in town back then, afterthat WiC began to have more collaborations with other musicians, producing videos of cover songs.

In 2014, the talented local singer-songwriter, Daniel C., had joined the company to form a formidable trio with Damien and Chin Fern and they went on to perform in even more artsy events and parties afterthat. And with their funky line-up of characters, they eventually turned into forming a full band with another two musicians namely, Jay Sern and Jordan Scully. They called themselves, Charlie & the Lions. It was a much loved band where it had even appeared on the newspapers later in that same year. And before that year had ended, the much sought-after performer, Cross Goh, had finally joined WiC. Together with Damien, they both had created a subsidiary music group called Cross Charlie, serving local cafes and pubs gigs for a good one year.

While all good things may come to an end, the same goes for this beloved band, Charlie & the Lions. In 2015, Chin Fern went on to become an air-stewardess with Singapore Airlines, and Daniel had started to work on his solo debut album. However, WiC had continued to fluorish, taking in more outlet gigs to perform; owing thanks to the efforts made in the previous year. It is also the year where WiC met many new young talents, notably the vocalist, Wendy Tan. There were several gigs in which WiC had also featured the soon-to-be crowned Miss Hard Rock Penang 2016, Gwendolynn, and also the fingerstyle guitarist, Sheila Julis. Also not to forget, MC Zi Wen made her hosting debut with WiC later that year. It was in that very same year too WiC's  songbird, Jingle Teh, first met Damien. Not long afterthat, she joined him to work as WiC's admin assistant as well as their singer for around a year before taking leave for another year in 2016 to pursue her degree in a Taiwan university. She had since returned for good afterthat.

Let's take a look at the flashback video montage of Wedding in Charlie's journey since 2012 until mid 2017 here below:

In the following year, 2017, marked a significant point in WiC's journey. In the early years of WiC, performers used to come and practice at Damien's home, in his small room that acted as an office-cum-studio. But since the official opening of Studio Charlie in the middle of that year, WiC has finally got a place where they can call 'home' as well as to welcome their clients on meet-ups. This is considered to be the second era of Wedding in Charlie.

Besides that, there were a few interesting happenings that year; Kenny Gabriel tying the knot, Damien turning 30, and that one special wedding event in that year where WiC had raked in its biggest sale to date. It was an evening having a guzheng player and a strings quartet for the wedding ceremony that followed by a jazz acoustic duo during the dinner reception, and then a 7-piece band to conclude the night in the after-party. It was also in that year WiC first participated in bridal fairs and began its advertising and publicity more actively.

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