Studio Charlie is basically a place for musicians to practice their crafts as a band, be it for a performance, or for any video projects. It is started with the idea to provide a comfortable and inspiring environment for musicians or artists to feel motivated to produce music. As it is not aimed for servicing the public as a general jamming studio, it is only opened for professional musicians/performers; usually those in connections with Damien or any of his associates. Feel free to contact him for any queries.

Officially started in July 2017, the space was mostly used by Penang's live bands for their gigging practices. Later on in 2020, the space is used more as a production studio when the pandemic hit. That was when Studio Charlie Productions (SCP) were introduced as a team of producers doing live-streaming and video recordings.

For more info regarding SCP, please visit our sister-site:

Studio Charlie Productions

The studio interior and its arrangements change from time to time base on different projects and its live band setups. Sometimes there are newer inclusions of equipment as well; hence the difference in the pictures.