Introduction To SCP Services For Artists

If you're an artist, you know you have your own unique character. Be it having special talents or an amazing musical ability or even not, everyone still has their own story, and their own perspectives towards music and life. In short, every person or artist has his/her own style and/or philosophy. And, to deliver that from one's life experiences into a work of presentable art, it has to be transformed into beautifully written words, easily-comprehended messages, like in the form of a song, with an image, or a music video perhaps. In other words, our service is to produce an album (or a single) with you, for you. We will deal with the direction of the visual arts, audio production technicalities, as well as conceptual videos (MV, interview, promo vid, etc.)

Advertisement Productions


Basically, we seperate advertising into 3 approaches. The first is audio-only ads, for mediums such as radio stations and podcasts. This market of young digital listeners is continuing to grow, and hence, jingles and audio-ads are still on-going. You provide us with the material (ad's script), and we produce the voice-over (VO). Or, you could also have us for composing a jingle, or even both the VO and the jingle!


The second approach is live-streaming, for mediums such as Facebook or via any well-established account on a live-streaming platform. We handle the technicalities such as:

• broadcasting's equipment setup – mixer, camera, mics, computer devices, etc.

• broadcasting's background – virtual background (green-screen) or, studio's props

• virtual operation of the broadcast – using OBS for inserting media files, titles, etc.

• the live show's emceeing – conducting the flow with the anchor (broadcaster)


The last but not least impactful approach is a video ad production with post-editing, such as a reality show or a green-screen filming. But the main point here is that this approach is a properly edited video content which makes viewing faster and yet with interesting visual/audio effects; unlike a livestream where its speed of delivery may be affected by the fluency of engagement with its audience. Another point to add is having a short and consise video ad, so to be replayed more oftenly. In conclusion, having a production with post-editing is good in many ways, but it is more costly.


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