Download these 2 files:

1. The Planner Sheet

2. Live Band Repertoire

Edit and revert to us (the latest) two weeks before the event.

WiC will curate an itinerary from those 2 files reverted.

Slight amendments can still be done afterthat with discussion.

Every vendor shall be given the link to the finalized itinerary.

The Planner Sheet

to confirm the agendas

for downloads

Live Band Repertoire

for song selection

for downloads


Itinerary & Songlist (SL)

which will be shared with everyone once it is curated

base on the checked planner sheet & the selected songs

Sample (Only for viewing)

Wedding Reception
Wedding Ceremony
Corporate Function
Birthday Reception
Jingle & Damien (JJB / DDJ / JD 2uo)
Angeline & Aaron (Team ACE)
Angeline & Damien (ACDC3)
Cross & Edison (CREDBO / CREDBOKE)
WiC's Itinerary-cum-songlist