With the music you remember, reminiscing a moment

in years to come will be a much sweeter experience.



Edit and revert to us (the latest) two weeks before the event.

We will prepare for you an itinerary from the 2 files you have completed.

Amendments can still be done afterthat over a discussion with us.

The finalized itinerary will be available via a Dropbox link for all vendors.


Email us the completed 2 sheets

Wedding Reception
Wedding Ceremony
Corporate Function
Birthday Reception
Jingle & Damien (JJB)
Angeline & Damien (ACDC)
Cross & Edison (CREDBO-KE)
WiC's Itinerary-cum-songlist



Download the relevant Planner Ticklist

Download the relevant Live Band Repertoire

View this example here if you are wondering how the finalized looks like

Jingle & Moses (JINGLE TREE)