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JJB, a short for Jingle & the JazzBoys, are a 4P team of experienced entertainers. Fronted by Jingle and Damien, they mainly cover adult contemporary music. Their songs are often performed in duets,  some in their own renditions. Not only having a variety of vocal styles, interestingly, each of them may also perform as a solo singer as well as providing backing vocals. They have become a household name for weddings in Penang ever since late 2017. As they all love classic songs, they continue to cover hit songs from the past in their own renditions.

Jingle's Showreel

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Damien's Showreel

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Mahazan's Showreel

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Moses's Showreel

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Comparisons Between Their Setup Options

JJB (4P) has more of a complete sound in terms of groove and musical complexity whereas DAJIMA (3P) is a setup of two guitars (rhythms & lead). View the comparison chart below.

Jingle & the JazzBoys
Band Profile





main vocals • bilingual MC

main vocals • guitarist sound personnel • MC

vocals • bassist • guitarist

vocals • pianist • keyboardist



the JazzBoys – or – JD 2uo

On special occasions, clients hire The Jazzboys (3P) mainly to perform standard jazz such as swing, ragtime & bossa nova. These songs are usually done in (male only) solo vocals.

For small parties (lesser than 80 pax), some may prefer a simpler  setup, such as a 2P live band: a female & a male with a guitar. The music style may be simpler, but duet songs are still available.


DAJIMA, a short for Damien, Jingle, Mahazan, are a 3P team of similar to JJB, just minus the 'jazz' off them. They cover more towards Pop, Rock, Reggae & Rock N' Roll music given their setup are acoustic guitar & electric guitar with 3 vocal harmonies. You can also expect some cool guitar solos in their performance.

For comparisons between 3P, 4P & more (full band), click here.




NEWS UPDATE: Our bassist (and also electric guitarist), Mahazan (as in the profile shown at the moment), has officially denounced his commitment as our main JJB / DAJIMA line-up (starting 2023). He will only gig with us upon special call-ups (e.g. add-ons, or replacements). Hence, our latest member in assuming his role is Dylan, who had finished his probational gigging period with us for a year+ already by now. He is equally a versatile musician who can play the electric guitar and bass guitar. Hence, we now call our package DADYJI instead of DAJIMA.