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Uni. Semesters 2 to 4 [2008 – 2009]

University Hurdle, First Love & Revelation

Started off loud and proud, I got on the Dean's List just a year in. It was like suddenly things had became a piece of cake that I excelled effortlessly. Perhaps I was 'swimming' in a deeper pool earlier in my life I was finding it easier to stand out in this new university environment. However, I guess that confidence had grew in me afterthat that it led to my failure in the following year. But, I sometimes credited that failure as bad luck due to that incident when our lecturer was giving us a wake-up call. All of my other 'failing' coursemates that semester had applied for a reassessment, and all had passed afterthat the reassessment. All but me as I did not apply for the reassessment; I simply accepted the fact that I had failed. Yet, what actually happened to me was my deviation from my studies towards my new found relationship and my realisation in my ambition i.e. to do music, besides being coupled by my underestimation of my university course's difficulty. Yes, it was a good deviation and I never regretted it anyway.

It was 2008, and who knows that cold girl which I tried to pursue 2 years back would contact me again later to have a good chat? And the rest was history. It all happened so magically that a few months later, I found myself writing a song for her on New Year's Eve. It went quite well I supposed; a couple of weeks afterthat, we got together.

What a honeymoon year (2009) it continued to be afterthat. I joined the university's Chinese song-writing and composition club, Losting. That was when I had written, recorded and performed the first of my own song composition. Lots of festivals were also held during that year. I even joined the university's club orchestra and sang for my university's graduation ceremony (not my own's). In that year too, I did my internship at a video production house (Chillipeppers) in Kuala Lumpur. And that was when my realisation happened, like a 'revelation' moment; upon a night's pep talk by the boss, I finally realised there's something I've been passionate with all the while but never gotten serious at it. It's music! And ever since I had finally decided to pursue music and making it my life-long mission, I couldn't wait to actually start exploring the industry, to find out my path in it, and setting goals for myself.

Little did I know I would gone on to fail in the following university's semester after the inspiring internship experiences. However, I was actually quite pleased to be deferring a semester afterthat; going back home to begin my music journey was liberating because I was feeling mundane with my endless university's course works. I really needed that break to find back my form.


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University Semester 1 [2007]