over the years


Secondary Years [2000 – 2004]

Primary Years [1994 – 1999]

Small But Never Stop Running

Despite being the tiniest boy in primary school, that physical disadvantage did not hold me back from being competitive. Instead, I was very sports inclined, joining the school athletics' team. Also, football, badminton and sepak takraw, I enjoyed them all. Some of my achievements came in the year 1997, where I represented in my school as a 100m sprinter. In that same year, in my school's sports day, I fared well in the long jump competition too.

Academically, my interests cultivated were story-telling, writing and playing music. Musical instruments like the recorder, flute & side drum were my best companions. I would spent hours playing them after schools. And I too loved Mathematics and it had always been my best subject –thanks to my dad's influence.

I finished my primary schooling in the year 1999 and I was given the privilege to be recognised as my school's choir leader as well as being the (Green) House Captain in sports. I never really grow bigger phycially thoughout my primary years, but I never stopped running. My friends used to call my 'Sonic' (The Hedgehog).