Some of our life's achievements may be nothing when compared to what others (rich and famous, athletes and artists, world leaders and gurus) have achieved and contributed in their lifetime. It is incomparable. However,  if we looked at how our life-long's journey has evolved, it becomes meaningful. We only want to compare ourselves to our younger self. Of course, we cannot defy our body from aging, but we can look after how we age.

Beyond our parents' teachings, we further learned and developed ourselves to achieve our goals. That is our progress and that defines who we are today and who we yet to become beyond tomorrow.  

When crossing paths with anyone who really wants to know our background, to understand our personal development and what actually bring meaning to us, let us share our journey and explain it well, for everyone has their own unique story behind who they are. My story began at the point when I was 7, in the year 1994.


over the years in music & life endeavours