over the years

A-levels [2005 – 2006]

The Eventful 'Honeymoon' Years

Who would have known that previously, I once waited in a Japanese chain-restaurant (Sushi King). It was my first taste out of school, getting home late, meeting and hanging out with new people. Not for long though, for a couple of months later I had to serve my country in our national service program (PLKN). Again, I was meeting so many peers of my age and of different backgrounds. There in the camp, I wrote my very first song. It was a patriotic song-composition for a presentation. Unfortunately, the moment was not video-recorded.

Towards the second half of the year, I enrolled myself for the pre-university (Form 6), going back to the same institution, foregoing my childhood ambition i.e. to be an architect. Why? Well, simply put: not every household is financially fortunate. Well, nothing much to fret about though, life goes on –as my mother would say.

I then started learning martial arts, karate, an art where I consider it to be balancing our mind and body together in a tranquil way. Being a sporty person, this art is where I learn to breathe and unleash my energy in a focused and more efficient way, besides training myself to be physically tougher. And as for my footballing passion is concerned, I had finally gotten myself into playing it competitively when I joined my school's football team in the year 2005. It actually happened coincidentally because I was just randomly playing at the field at that time when the school's football coach were screening the players. Then after the game, the coach came to me and asked if I would like to be in the squad. Hell, yeah! Never had I imagined myself to be crowned a football champion which happened later in the following year; I got my winner's medal with the school team! I felt I was really lucky in having won the Northern Peninsular Malaysia's football competition (U-21) as it was our school team's first gold achievement in its history. It was also in that same year I swore to myself that I will never join a running marathon ever again after finishing 15th, being the last medal receipient to be awarded in the run. Again, how lucky I was to scoop away a medal from 300+ participants.

Apart from sports, I was casually forgetting the importance of my school acedemics as my heart was mostly about establishing a choir club in school, getting some merits in leadership positions, and my keenness in 'darkening' my karate belt. One could only hear how tough it was to be doing Form 6 in Malaysia until they actually underwent it. Yet, that stressful year was actually my most eventful year and a proud one to recall: I presidented my school's Student Affairs' Unit in PA announcing, student ID production, and taking care of the school's lost and found department. I managed to attained 1st Kyu (brown belt) in karate. And then of course, 're-founding' the school's choir club was my pleasure; getting the boys and girls to come and sing together. I even joined a singing competition that year, Digi Celebriteen, and managed a 3rd place finish at state level. All these achievements did come at a cost though; I found myself at a breakdown the night before my Physics examination because I realised that I could not finish the syllabus in time as Physics was also my favourite subject besides Mathematics which remained my only distinction subject in that year's examination.

And did I mention my courtship with a girl? No, it wasn't a fairy tale. We went on a school-club's outing, a hill-staycation but I was literally living in my fantasy all the whole time, watching her from afar; like the Lionel Richie's Hello –if you know what I mean. Getting to work with her in the same club unit was all I had besides being literally told not to pursue her. Yes, she was that cold –it was still cool to me though.


University Semester 1 [2007]


Secondary Years [2000 – 2004]