What kind of attires will the live band be wearing?

The band will be in formal suit & tie (or bowtie) except for the female performer(s) because they will be in gown and proper facial make-up.

Do let us know if you would like us to wear according to a certain theme.

These are some of the examples of the band's standard outfits:

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How much do you charge to travel out of Georgetown, Penang? Our event is not going to be in Penang but outstation.  Any accomodation fees?

We have a chart where you can refer the travelling costs & expenses. But it may be slightly complicated for you to calculate, so just enquire from us and we will quote you accordingly.

Usually, our performer's accomodation is to be provided by your side.


We have some of our favourite songs we would like you to perform for our guests. How many songs can we request for? Is there any charges?

After going through the band's repertoire (make sure you do it first), you may request for however many songs you would like to (that is not in their list). If the song is within the band's capability and style, they would gladly prepare them for you, FOC. Unless the song requested is completely new to them, and it would take up longer time than usual for them to prepare, then only the request is charged a fee of around RM100–RM200 per song. At most, the band can only take in 2 new songs to fulfill (subjected to the band's ability & availability).


Ok, my wedding ceremony is going to be short and I may take the risk of having bad weather (raining) due to it being outdoor and not shaded. How do you go about it if it rains? Sound system?

Yes, the sound system is the main concern here if the equipment are not being covered. Hence, it is compulsory to hire a separate personnel to stand-by just in case it rains, that would cost you RM100 per hour. And if it really does rain, then another RM100 is further charged for the shiftment & resetting the system at another contingency planned location.


My husband and I are thinking of doing a surprise performance with music assisted live by the band. Is that possible for your team to deliver?

Yes. In fact we have done it quite a number of times before. However, you will have to keep those planned details short and clear for the band can only have 10–15 minutes of rehearsal time with you (and/or everyone else that is involved) on the event day itself (i.e. exactly an hour before the official begin time). Other examples are like having a saxophonist or violinist to escort the bride & groom during their march-ins, all with no additional charges if you had hired the individual for the event.


We know that sometimes people may fall sick or unforseen circumstances may happen. What if one of your talents could not show up for my event? How do you approach such situation?

With all reasonable efforts,  WiC will source for a talent replacement that is of a similar calibre. If a replacement option offerred by WiC and approved by you (the purchaser) attracts a lower rate than what was previously booked for, a partial refund will be made for the cost difference incurred.


During a pandemic like Covid, postponements & cancellations may be inevitable. If we happened to cancel our event, will there be any refund?

If the event had to be postponed or cancelled due to government restriction order, then 60% of the paid deposit for your booking shall be refunded. You may ask why not a 100% refund? This is due to the processing fee in securing the booking, a partial amount has already been incurred on our end. In other words, each date being booked is an opportunity cost taken. Furthermore, this policy is only to protect the ever-vulnerable musical talents from being tied up to a never-ending postponement without receiving a security fee.

View the other rates of reimbursement here.

Semi-casual for outdoor
Semi-casual for outdoor
JJB Tuxedo & black dress
JJB Tuxedo & black dress
Standard black & white
Standard black & white
Black dress, suit & bowtie
Black dress, suit & bowtie
JJB Tuxedo & white dress
JJB Tuxedo & white dress
Semi-casual white top & dresses
Semi-casual white top & dresses


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