3P – part of Jingle & the JazzBoys

the JazzBoys

3P – part of Jingle & the JazzBoys

Cocktail Session Gigs

Wedding Ceremony | Guests Arrival | Pre-reception

Cocktail Session

✓ GuZheng

Processional March

✓ GuZheng

Canon In D

✓ Strings Quartet

Guests Arrival

✓ Strings Quartet

Guests Arrival

✓ Violin    ✓ Guitar

Lounge Instrumentals

✓ Violin    ✓ Guitar

Musician Add-ons

Saxophonist | Trumpetter | Drummer | Lead Guitarist | Violinist

✓ Drummer

✓ Saxophonist

✓ Trumpet Preview 1

✓ Trumpet Preview 2

✓ Lead Guitarist (Electric)

✓ Lead Guitarist (Acoustic)

✓ Lead Guitarist (Nylon-string)     ✓ Violinist

NEWS UPDATE: The latest videos for these bands' profiles are in the production stages right now as of April 21st, 2023. This is due to newer performers being actively involved with WiC's band line-ups, namely Dylan, Zale, Alexius and Adrian Jones, we strive to provide you with their individuality as well as their roles within the team(s). We hope to get them done by the end of June. Stay tuned!

Since 2012, from passionate singing into entertaining dinner crowds, the band have been perfecting their crafts in and out, musically. Many would be swooned away with good vocals, but the essence of an enjoyable music/show lies within the fundamentals of how a whole song is curated from the start to the end, and the mood change from one song to the next, alongside some wise technical handlings of the sound system.

Adhering only in working with music professionals that deliver well on stage, our performances are constantly smooth and impressive. We take pride in carefully arranging and preparing our songs based on the preferences of our clients. We also understand that not every performer is a jack-of-all-traits, hence we always advise our clients what we can do best so to live up to their expectations.

Very often, we serenade couples in cross-culture marriages. It is this sort of marriages that bring out the interesting kind of celebration of the union between two families and cultures. To top that, being Malaysians, we excel in providing friendly services in multi languages be it live musical performances, hosting, or communications with our clients. We always serve with care, mindfulness and passion.

Wedding in Charlie

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