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After viewing the videos and band profiles, it is important to go through the FAQ if you are interested in engaging our service(s). However, if you are only casually pondering on the idea of having a wedding or an event, no pressure though; you can start by reading some of the articles on this website to get a good knowledge of how our live bands actually work besides also getting a good idea of a wedding flow before you actually start to plan your wedding.

If you had finally decided to get a quotation from us, we will need a few details from your end in order to serve you better. Just click on the ENQUIRY above and email us.

Once you have booked us for your event, the SET LIST GUIDE is actually our follow-up with you in getting your event's music list done. It is a step-by-step guide in curating your wedding song list base on the live band you have booked so that it is uniquely your list of selection. In other words, we want to make sure you are getting your favourite music from the list of songs prepared by the band. You would only have to finalize your selection two weeks before the event date. So, take your time.

Once again, when all songs is set, we will require a Pre-payment of the Balance to be made two weeks prior to the event date for the preparation work by the talents to begin. Upon payment, the finalized setlist made will be forwarded to the talents and also emailed to you for as reference.

Now, while anticipating for 'the day', make sure you get enough rest and keep a well balanced diet amidst the stress and hecticness that may possibly be, for you want to enjoy the band performance as well as celebrating the night in your best health.