over the years

University Semester 1 [2007]

No Longer A Teenager

Thrilled to have left the arduous teenage years behind me, it felt liberating somehow. And while waiting for my examination results, I have never really given any thoughts regarding my future, what I wanted to study or become. It was basically the time to enjoy what I have always been wanting to do freely, and that is to play music! Hence, I personally went and knocked on doors, at pubs and cafés, just to find gigging opportunities. And I have landed my first public gig on Valentine's Day. I formed a duo with my vice-chairman from choir club we both established back in highschool. We strolled unplugged from table to table with my guitar, repeating some same 4 songs to the dining couples. I still remember the two songs that we sang; More Than Words by Extreme and Miss You Like Crazy by The Moffats –some hamonically pleasing songs. And at the end of the day, our gig was in exchange for a meal –not too bad for beginners like us, aye? Nevertheless, we enjoyed the whole experience.

However, gigging opportunities were hard to come by, and so I started to work in a retail store, Swatch®, selling watches, for a good 2 months before I finally found a gigging job at a café  called Faces where I performed on weekends in long 6 hours, from 6pm – 12am. But with around MYR 60 earned and a meal provided, I was a happy 20-year-old.

Then when my examination results finally came, I was eligible to enrol for a tertiary education with a local university. Again, I was being lucky because that actually meant I need not spend a lot to getting a college degree. However, little did I feel lucky because out of the six (course) choices I have selected, I was given the least preferred one. In the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Johore, I began studying the course, Industrial Design. Despite the unfavourable course choice I had gotten myself into, it was still involving art, physics and mathematics. So, generally the course's (foundation) subjects were still enjoyable.


Uni. Semesters 2 to 4 [2008 – 2009]


A Levels [2005 – 2006]